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Ann-Marie Davis

Decoding Adelaide Duet -Signed Copy

Decoding Adelaide Duet -Signed Copy

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Trigger Warnings: Some situations may be uncomfortable. Please use discretion.


  • Alpha Hero
  • Touch Her or Die
  • Obsessive/Possessive
  • Age-Gap
  • Hacker
  • Vigilante
  • Billionaire
  • Thriller/Suspense

1 x signed copy of Decoding Adelaide and Reclaiming Adelaide.

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Sexy computer geeks for the win! In Decoding Adelaide, an introverted hacker heroine finds herself falling for an older, billionaire tech mogul. Cue the nerdy banter, a little angst, and tons of steam alongside secrets, lies and deception. — Melissa - Goodreads Reviewer

One man stands between Adelaide and her freedom.Adelaide, driven by her fierce convictions, is a brilliant mind within a secretive hacktivist collective, channeling her talents towards dismantling the criminal empires that lurk in the shadows. As the group's mission escalates, her digital battles start seeping into reality, thrusting her into a maelstrom of unforeseen consequences that shake her to her core. The emotional toll is profound, as Adelaide grapples with the unintended repercussions of her own activism.

Jake, a seemingly successful CEO harboring a clandestine alter ego, crosses paths with Adelaide under the most unexpected circumstances. As he rescues her from danger one fateful night, he becomes ensnared in the enigmatic aura that surrounds her. The more he delves into her world, the more he realizes that there's more to Adelaide than meets the eye. However, her reticence about her secrets creates a chasm between them, testing the limits of their budding connection.

As Jake and Adelaide's paths converge, they are forced to confront their inner demons and decipher the complexities of trust, forging a bond that might just withstand the storm of secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

I loved the story so much, and I found Adelaide’s character so pleasant and well developed. The story is a classic of nice, lovely, kind, shy woman and the bad-boy, rich type of man -Vlad

Decoding Adelaide is an engrossing blend of vehement chemistry, an alpha hero, a sassy heroine, witty banter, feels, and steam. Unequivocally my new favorite by Davis. - BookBoyfriendAndHusbandMake 3

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